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What is 4NEW?

4new is a new token based on Ethereum ERC20. as of March 31, 2018, Bitcoin mining energy intake has officially surpassed the entire energy consumption of the country of Singapore,
which ranks 43 globally in regards to energy consumption. As the difficulty of mining increases to reflect the influx of miners joining the network. the total energy used for mining is enormous and has a very bad impact on the world.

Estimated electricity consumption from bitcoin mining per year can reach 60 tWh. Due to the high energy consumption of bitcoin mining that can damage nature and the world, 4NEW is here to improve it.

4NEW is an eco-friendly blockchain tangible Waste to Energy blockchain solution. 4NEW has a target on miners who spend a fair amount of electrical energy in the world and this is very bad because it can damage the world.

To stop this Energy Killer from mining farm, 4NEW have smart solution. 4NEW Solving two social problem’s Waste surplus and energy shortfall.

currently 4NEW is in ICO period, 4NEW Soft Cap has been achieved at $30.000.000 and the Hard Cap target is $75.000.000


4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, blockchain ecosystem powered by waste to energy power plants. the
or applied to operate mining processes at an onsite mining farm. This following the workings of KWATT Token to save the earth that I have quoted from the official 4NEW blog

  • Funds will be generated from waste collected by 4New
  • 4New will gain funds from selling byproducts, fertilizers and water gotten by processing the waste
  • Funds will also be generated from their crowd sale or I should say have been generated from their crowd sale in which they have raised over 40 million usd
  • And lastly 4New will keep some part of the kwatt token which will also serve as part of their revenue.



This is Roadmap from KWATT project until Q4-2018. after the sale is complete, then KWATT being listed to two exchanger that is HotBit and also Exrates. here the proof that KWATT Exchanger Partnert with Hotbit 



4NEW has a pretty solid team, even 4NEW has enough members to make 4NEW much better.


Coin Name: 4NEW

Coin Ticker: KWATT

Coin Supply: 300.000.000


Bitcointalk ANN:


based on the whitepaper I’ve read through the link the maximum supply of coins 4NEW is 300,000,000 token, which has the following allocation :

  • Founders Allocation: 25%
  • Institutions: 8%
  • Crowdsale: 67%

This allocation is very suitable because the developer is also required to have some tokens for operational costs.


4NEW currently on ICO Period with price per coin is about $2 with minimum investment with 1 ETH at current price equivalent $475, so you can bought 237 KWATT for 1 ETH as investment. To buy 4NEW Token, you can visit and just click Sign Up. To protect 4NEW Investors, 4NEW Dev have a plan to hold the value of KWATT and try to limit the devaluing of the ICO dump from bounty hunters and those looking to make a quick profit. with the project of  KWATT, this is an interesting investment for those of you who are looking for an ICO with a good project. if you buy some KWATT coins, then you also participate to save the world. but keep in mind, investing in cryptocurrency is a very risky thing.


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