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How to Restore Cryptonight wallet from Seed

How to restore wallet from seed for cryptonight Algorithm

Note, i using CLI Wallet.

Cryptonight coin for example : Monero, Stellite, Turtle, Masari, Dero, Sumokoin, Karbo, Lines, Others


For Windows

  1. Open daemon and wait until network fully synced
  2. Make a new file restore.bat at same folder with wallet
  3. Write this command to file restore.bat (you can using notepad)

(CLI-Wallet.exe) –restore-deterministic-wallet

For example

./masari-wallet-cli –restore-deterministic-wallet

4. Just follow step by step and enjoy 🙂


For Linux

  1. Open terminal (at same folder with wallet)
  2. Type command “sudo su
  3. Running daemon by typing a command “./walletd” (just example)
  4. After synced, run command “./CLI-Wallet –restore-deterministic-wallet”
  5. Just follow step by step and enjoy 🙂